The Telegraph – Toughie – Mar 21 2018

Clues Answers
An idea if seal be broken FEASIBLE
Beginning to draw for example like impressionist DEGAS
Cruel to involve rising artist’s surrogate VICARIOUS
Earl, King and Queen crossing Hampshire river KITCHENER
Energy-fuelled blast in Hell BELOW
Experience one French duke avoided for this reason ERGO
For greeting bow to each side BEHIND
Friend set up better mobile device LAPTOP
Hard to endure cut close to bone SEVERE
Injurious assault soldiers reject ABHOR
Italian enamel is used imaginatively MILANESE
Italian river joins lake with country POLAND
Maiden on course to show charming presence MASCOT
Might one be tickled pink? SALMON
Organism spreads to devour upper-class twit IGNORAMUS
Clues Answers
Peninsula in Russian region son must leave IBERIA
Ready to complain having missed starter RIPE
Rejected ruling? ABDICATED
Ruffian who loses head playing in goal HOOLIGAN
Seafood — have most of mine SCAMPI
Seaman Oscar welcomes written work with open arms AKIMBO
Spiritual leader from Ealing and Hillingdon GANDHI
Supporter’s position backing celebrity golf LIEGEMAN
Transport proceeds of robbery HAUL
Undercoat for each skirting edge PRIMER
Unmarried woman’s criminal language ARGOT
Upright character excused from master class GENUS
Went down hill FELL
Wicked spirit was rebuffed DEVIL
Widow caught with priest after introduction to religion RELICT

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