The Telegraph – Toughie – Mar 22 2018

Clues Answers
‘Not bad but almost inaudible’? FAINTPRAISE
A joke when retiring? Mad! GAGA
A lot of cash in register ROLL
Accuse falsely, retracting to end disputes SETUP
Again finding I scored unusually highly REDISCOVERY
Article penned during meal is something to celebrate as author LAUNCH
By end back off, negotiate and plead ENTREAT
Clip and a wash for cat LICK
Could he provide counteraction for the chilling Dracula tale? STOKER
Dress up and show off BRAG
Drought? Enter it in badly-written diary ARIDITY
Flier, one caught on board plane in a spin PELICAN
Given permission verbally for all to hear ALOUD
Got off lightly DOZED
Imbibing port, had enough ADEN
Killing oneself from curiosity about the hereafter? DYINGTOKNOW
Missing daughter, petite, dainty and very dark INKY
Clues Answers
Not quite a free hand CHEAPLABOUR
Not the kind of money that talks? HUSH
One making themself at home in the dog pound SETTLER
One may frisk — for a gun COLT
Opening up about student fees TOLLS
Practise jackknifes (just half): really good swimmer CARP
Regarding what you say, get the message LIPREAD
Regardless of whether it�s fair RAINORSHINE
Save diamonds lost in deposit during winter? HOAR
Self-absorbed. Tried to correct this fault DEMERIT
Silly scare about going in for various pursuits CAREERS
Silly thinking cats are dangerous BIRDBRAINED
Spent — gone on a computer? UNSAVED
Spots sign of puberty ACNE
Take hasp off duck coop OPEN
That female has nothing on male who rescued her? HERO
Utter expulsion of love creates evil VICE

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