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The Telegraph – Toughie – Mar 23 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Time it right,’ he ruled TSAR
8, 27 say die — and die again? CUBES
About to replace last of Old Nick�s pots and kettles HOLLOWARE
Absolute state UTTER
Admitting crossword people, plus one of 6 THOUSAND
After storm hit methodical mice scuttled out of the ark OLDHAT
Big event buffets uncatered for? TOURDEFRANCE
Bishop and deans ignoring dead ringers BELLS
Buck upset everyone in bar DOLLAR
Caught in blast, Open’s first shot left Couples with this? LOSTBALL
Couple starting off bright and early, both caught short, needing tree! BEECH
Define ‘slurry’ in a way that’s easy to understand? USERFRIENDLY
Departed, holding what aloft? Vogue THENEW
Detailed quiz set enigmatically about element in it? QUESTION
Fast mover — exactly what’s needed to stop working of nice try INTERCITY
Clues Answers
Huge hotel, not well stocked, that’s unnecessarily extended MEGILLAH
I agree with second person’s pronunciation ASYOUSAY
Incompetent confectioner can’t find a supplier for this? TOFFEE
John holding up catch on tree-house? TWIGLOO
No alternative for Tory negotiating horribly tense minute TEENTSY
Not even letters fill in page — turn over FLIP
Offensive, accepting fertiliser as evidence? TESTAMENT
Old iron fashioned to embellish entrance to abode DOORNAIL
Outside Court 1, De Niro’s funny line for Scorsese? DIRECTION
Place for cattle, sheep etc — not bat FIELD
Range’s lower end, supplement for stock? OXTAIL
Reading up list topped by instrument one may break in? VIOLATOR
Revoke order from tribunal, unnaturally overturned ANNUL
What protected front of old full HCl bottles LORICA
What’s kept fluid? Account returns make it clear CASHFLOW