The Telegraph – Toughie – Mar 27 2018

Clues Answers
At the critical moment imprisoned by sentence (2,3,4,2,4) INTHENICKOFTIME
Baffle breaches in dugouts FOXHOLES
Bolt possibly with second copier SPRINTER
Contracted new road to be constructed around centre of Derby NARROWED
Death around third of March is a loss DECREASE
Everyone posh is never drunk UNIVERSE
Greek god’s wickedly poisoned POSEIDON
Group anaesthetic NUMBER
In delicate health, senator returns with husband NESH
Independent male, unassuming but boastful IMMODEST
One banishes spirits from former soldiers sitting on tomb EXORCIST
One present at function two hours before noon departs before middle of speech ATTENDEE
One-armed outlaws? BANDITS
Outline of small horse climbing in South Island SYNOPSIS
Poet William and French marshal joined Orczy’s hero BLAKENEY
Clues Answers
Possessing sex appeal is trendy! WITHIT
Procedure could become messy over time SYSTEM
Rebound with wealthy alien seizing company RICOCHET
Reportedly checks rules REIGNS
Scandinavian governor dictates essentially NORDIC
Scoffing father turned into sleazy bar DERISIVE
Speak out almost immediately STAT
Supporter of Cromwell perhaps provoked derision IRONSIDE
Tries in actual practice REHEARSAL
Unreal contorted visual lie has no answer ILLUSIVE
Unusually old bison united with ox in offensive OBNOXIOUS
Why when spoken is variable UNKNOWN
With hands on hips, regularly talk big and upset mob AKIMBO
Wordy life drawing! BIOGRAPH

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