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The Telegraph – Toughie – Mar 28 2018

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Clues Answers
A table like the captain’s? ABOARD
Authenticated script offering more than one field of study REALMS
Bishop irritable, like a badly behaved youngster BRATTY
Capital victory followed by a little drink, say WINNIPEG
Desert traveller in vehicle admitting state of confusion CAMELEER
Device lit when working, that is to say VIDELICET
Differs from rich man, having to grab bit of work DIVERGES
Drive mile in one short shower IMPEL
Half-heartedly try to persuade member of the upper house? NOBLE
I am surprised, overcome by what is blue and sordid SEAMY
In charge, undermining club? That’s somehow incongruous IRONIC
Like famous holy room used by Jesus finally for meal SUPPER
Members keeping within group of top people? They know the rules LEGALISTS
Modern music fills Georgia with feeling of unease GANGSTA
Clues Answers
One could age, troubled by minimal energy — keep this on dressing table? EAUDECOLOGNE
One managing particular shop or factory, unendingly lazy MILLINER
One restrains learner having conceited boast with little hesitation LIMITER
Praise gay prince for coming out PANEGYRIC
Put up comment about threatening Conservative being deposed NOMINATE
Salvationists with little time on a group of islands SAMOA
Seafood disgustingly gelatinous I rejected LANGOUSTE
Significant chum with money in Oman MATERIAL
Sweet, turning more than one head BONBON
Thus useless person without love becomes pompous SOLEMN
Tsar? One looked up to, though sometimes lacking in brightness VARIABLESTAR
Unwavering English group of workers, one not winning after setback RESOLUTE
Upset after agent shows something we’ve seen before? REPEAT
What church composer could do, showing bias PENCHANT