The Telegraph – Toughie – Mar 29 2018

Clues Answers
Appropriate transport for kid to traverse south face TAKESTRIKE
Asian’s picked up Cockney’s ill-pronounced pecking order IRAQI
Ball nearly potted by one using pool rest BREATHER
Bug? Bug! EARWIG
Burn mark on animal’s head BLAZE
By way of illustrating age, mix a triple rum EXEMPLIGRATIA
Cause that might make Abe slur his words SAKE
Change words in grid to have another go at prize puzzle REENTER
Dissident family endure half-hearted uprising REFUSNIK
Disturbed by a flea or something else floating in soup? BAYLEAF
Duty-free in far end of airport a bit excluded after refurbishment TAXDEDUCTIBLE
Fed up with drunken geezer losing head? Stop being frosty DEFREEZE
Gas yet to be refined and stored by two Asian methane producers YAKETYYAK
Go alongside a vessel heading towards port ABUT
Clues Answers
International cartoon in Telegraph? It’s hard to swallow PAINTSTRIPPER
Jack-of-all-trades? ABLESEAMAN
Joint favourite’s sixth to be passed by nag ANKLE
Material mentioned something to make vehicle theft easier? KHAKI
Maybe young Brahmin’s poem’s central to unbridled happiness HEIFER
PA’s month absorbed by a brainwave? May, say AIDEDECAMP
Play in which leaders of doomed castle change places HAYFEVER
Slacker ground he’d ply with ease SLEEPYHEAD
Somewhat insane Roman? NERO
Terribly rude in extreme when one’s replaced by second wine from Bordeaux ENTREDEUXMERS
The Falls Road’s beginning to be in once more resurgent area NIAGARA
Troubled teenager shelves new shelves ETAGERE
Vehicle Joe leaps on and off JEEP
What might transport Democrat around Ohio’s capital? MOTORCADE

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