The Telegraph – Toughie – Mar 30 2018

Clues Answers
Clobber on thug revealing round figure NOUGHT
Completely fiddle research needing experiments to be fair INALLCONSCIENCE
Deviate holds rough lout embracing excited hedonist VOLUPTUARY
Drink to excite passion before gripping blade’s handle PHILTRE
Duke, as before, in court QUAD
Europhile PM to cease mantra in faithless regions HEATHENDOM
Expose the female officer fairly loudly, in kind spirit? SOUTHERNCOMFORT
Finish restoration of Monet’s frames with natural talents ENDOWMENTS
Furthest Maidstone is off course, avoiding the A1 ENDMOST
Give a wave to government leader hosting head of state PERM
Guinea pig: it comes out of a hole CAVY
Hard to handle Brown’s blocking approach CUMBERSOME
I dish up an omelette, initially stirred and cooked in layers ‘� la cr�me’ DAUPHINOIS
Immobilise cylinder block’s cover for dipstick PINHEAD
Insult old wretch interrupting games and dance PEJORATIVE
Clues Answers
Irregular drinker’s shakes diminished when imbibing spa water DEVIANT
It’s not all bad: copper is worth say $1000 CURATESEGG
Joke about Newton’s character KIND
Marines probing tight, legless bloke found in sea MERMAN
Merging, lake feeds sea MELD
Next-generation male writer recalled hack NEPHEW
No rush, secure in small room SNAILSPACE
Once more or less good, Nixon’s vice-president ANEW
Outsiders from Euroland, glumly fretful EDGY
Queen takes on board European extension ANNEXE
Range of sin: sloth’s about nailing it SIERRA
Slip from Versace, ample, cut in regular style ESCAPE
Spar, putting energy above liveliness ESPRIT
The reverse of ‘assez damn�e’, somewhat chipper ADZE
Volunteer to pay attention when cycling ENLIST

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