The Telegraph – Toughie – Mar 6 2018

Clues Answers
A loving sound remains reportedly as element in a concert hall? ACOUSTICS
Additional note about comic novelist in heavy spot SPLODGE
Alas October is disastrous for cheap domestic disposal CARBOOTSALE
Australia trip quietly put off yet to be arranged in spartan state AUSTERITY
Breed flat-bodied fish by the sound of it RAISE
Completed festivity almost in part of Ireland DONEGAL
Cut for elite sporting group? TOPSIDE
Danger shown by guide commonly in US tree Rockelm
Decreasing time for supper? EVENING
Expert at university gets to go to pieces CRACKUP
Favour group in repetitive ritual ROSETTE
Friend assumes right in Spain to get confection PRALINE
Height many recalled in Caribbean island TORTOLA
Hint resolved ending in one retired person who’s studious being aware INTHEKNOW
Clues Answers
Inexperienced person on ship before retreat overturned oil, say RAWMATERIAL
Island with pep producing fruit MANGO
Land around river is acceptable ALRIGHT
Losing head, go on annoying joint ANKLE
More impertinent fool that is interrupting senior SASSIER
Place starts heaving — it’s set after a break? PLASTERCAST
Put up piece of poetry as subject of elevated appreciation? SKYLINE
Rite developed during period in country ERITREA
Scholars attended by fine African tribe MASAI
Single woman with hat to be replaced gets to lose an opportunity MISSTHEBOAT
Slight on geek falling short? Painter could need one THINNER
Some no-hoper at engineering work OPERATE
Time in New York artist is among warring clan regarding forebears ANCESTRAL
Understanding within reach? INSIGHT

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