The Telegraph – Toughie – Mar 8 2018

Clues Answers
Book into space ship and board EMBARK
Cut off paisley pants making old-fashioned sight ESPIAL
Decorative work the creation of lipstick-wearing drinker? STAINEDGLASS
Divert coach back into underpass SUBWAY
Draw fleet out as vessels coming from Holland DELFTWARE
Drink in kitchen, where you may hear a pin drop BOWLINGALLEY
Express frustration about rotten leek, having thrown away last vegetable CELERY
Extremists in Twitter dying to be this? TRENDING
Fellows standing in for you and me in holiday month maybe make more AUGMENT
German joiner’s identity annulled UNDID
Graceful, shy elk with lip trembling SYLPHLIKE
Head of Research taken on by Auntie Eleanor’s drink corporation? BEERBELLY
Is coaching at first to box TEACHEST
It may be more difficult for Londoners to express warmth ARDOUR
Clues Answers
Kids’ coverage influenced broadcast SUEDE
Location of card game vulnerable to robbery LOOTABLE
Looks at Express, say, or issue of Observer EYESTRAIN
One cutting words once on poster for Paris concert by Sonny? ETCHER
One hatching plots against P Pan? CHOOK
One replacing character, perhaps to avoid offending star ASTERISK
Position that applies to across clue after 90-degree rotation? BACKSTOP
Resist Old Pretender’s initial claim OPPOSE
Sends message beforehand, perhaps, to give excuses PRETEXTS
Spin, following Sun’s lead? A body that does SATURN
Stylish artist regularly appearing with a couple of unknowns RITZY
This bean’s distilled into alcohol ABSINTHE
Throaty — sounds like it might be to do with drainage? GUTTURAL
What bowler might use hits target at 16 TOPSPIN

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