The Telegraph – Toughie – Mar 9 2018

Clues Answers
A prominent post to restructure divisions APPORTIONMENTS
Air current plan DRAUGHT
Asian potato pest with antisocial manner ALOOFLY
At home, papers over crack and stain INDIGO
Book set in abandoned mine described with great atmosphere AMBIENCE
Crowds, people watching game in coastal town RAMSGATE
Dishonest person’s cash from Middle East changing hands LIAR
Dog by lake to drink rests comfily CURLSUP
Dozy rest said to be agreeable DULCET
Egg emu voluntarily covers up OVUM
Film in snatches randomly for them to speak bluntly SHOOTFROMTHEHIP
Finally sigh with measure of warmth over miserable person GOTH
Fools do gaffes regularly OAFS
Getting on trampoline afraid after refusal NOSPRINGCHICKEN
Clues Answers
Jug fellow lifted with base and handle NICKNAME
Mad rants like these could be dramatised in play TIRADES
Make houses of metal on independent island MARTINIQUE
Note in branch unfortunately not accepted as valid BOUGHTINTO
On good terms with very fine journalist that’s called upon INVOKED
One Greek character in exam getting most irritable ITCHIEST
Releasing blow in boxing without power UNHITCHING
Sadness is something inside people stopping extremes of delight DISCONTENTMENT
Salve over three times applied with burning wound BUONGIORNO
Space buggy he can improve ENHANCE
Surgery on model’s face OPPOSE
Swimmer to dry back TURBOT
Test fish with insertion of fork? TRYOUT
Tool to hollow out entrance in rock surface ROUTER

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