The Telegraph – Toughie – May 1 2018

Clues Answers
… swapping sun initially for cold, rambling about continent AFRICA
A lone, straggling cherry — climbing plant? OLEANDER
Allowing oneself to be subject of a study POSING
Back seat unusually taken by Navy ASTERN
Back up against ropes, groggy, seen as target PURPOSE
Big, but not immeasurably so? SIZEABLE
Carried half of bitter inside — seemed drunk TOTTERED
Case of minstrel who refused to strike SCABBARD
Cut hour and three quarters HEWN
Definitely second, third and the fifth letters of ‘prairie’ RATHER
Eastern outfit hosts a fine expedition … SAFARI
Essence of loneliness rising in long-distance runner NILE
Establish tenner is forged and catch Tom out ENTRENCH
Evergreen not having fruit DATELESS
Full of energy, juvenile star LEAD
Give ovation (some standing) for absolute rubbish CLAPTRAP
Clues Answers
Happy days in Germany PROSIT
Instructions for board perceived to be two-thirds incorrect RECIPE
It’s handmade for someone’s smoking jacket REEFER
Key is certainly in hole FISSURE
Moves round about gunner, causing minor injuries SPRAINS
Ne’er-do-well son in clutches of drink WASTER
Nice new pants, absorbing spilt ale PLEASANT
Part of arm — its middle section — found in wood BREECH
Passage direct, we�re told STRAIT
Prefer when heart’s broken to be unattached FREE
Riddle found in song STRAIN
Smart, having also protected reputation STANDING
Succeed in getting the last word FAREWELL
Terribly proud guards have heavy fall? DOWNPOUR
They contain beer in pubs: about litre BARRELS
What to give one’s bird on occasion? SEEDCAKE

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