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The Telegraph – Toughie – May 10 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Topping’ is removing, removing top OFFING
A French Cabernet and Pinot’s tops open UNCAP
A little backwards perhaps displaying intelligence DATA
Attractive chap, good inside, rejected advance MAGNETIC
Block of ice, large, going north CLOD
Close combat, say, for raw recruit NEOPHYTE
Cover shut up with tool SHAWL
Cutting borders of Arran material TARTAN
Dimwit stripped iron to make explosive NITRO
Freedom of position including kiss before sex LAXITY
Hidden, long hidden inside code oddly CACHED
Idiot boxes skilfully losing weight in draws TELLIES
Incubating, hot to cold, getting infectious CATCHING
Leader in retreat over current upset EDITORIAL
Love drink knocked back after work OPUS
Motivate staff caught for time ENCOURAGE
Clues Answers
Obscure place, not quiet, in mostly strange clubs ESOTERIC
One admires procrastinator’s motto? IDOLATER
Passion that’s reportedly more difficult for EastEnders ARDOUR
Provide enclosure comprising kayak’s last berth DOCKAGE
Publish a description describing suspicions SHADES
Restraint of drunk circling empty bar? That’s unknown SOBRIETY
Slow turn right then left in jam GORMLESS
Some agreed to house poor MEAGRE
Somebody from Queen’s playing with attendant outside PERSONAGE
Superhuman bloke is often needed in crisis initially BIONIC
This compiler’s past mature stage IMAGO
To the French, street state reflects country AUSTRIA
Uneven changing edges? Start to sharpen blades DAGGERS
Vacant atelier with extra space AREA
Whisper concealed by woods sharing small anticipation FORESIGHT
Winning ace possible around beginning of rally ADORABLE