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The Telegraph – Toughie – May 11 2018

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Clues Answers
A short wharf which supports boats? AQUA
Against replacing double force of Mediterranean port’s coffee JAVA
Ailed, suffering with brief bug that one can catch AUDIBLE
Anna moved on consistently to make an error BOOB
Black iodine stain on hot metal BISMUTH
Carriage to have circular form? BEARING
Consequently employment shows a dip SOUSE
Cover with spread set out during tea BESTREW
Cry for attention includes keys to get help? Good for you! HEALTHY
Desire meat sandwich with crusts cut off URGE
Eg acquiring this lively piece shows overlap of Dutch artist and German director SCHERZO
Force away with others WREST
Fungus just the same with arsenic injected YEAST
General advisor for emperor penguins initially on hold in Antarctica’s fringes AGRIPPA
Hard wood used for steering wheel HELM
Hood’s state when front half’s gone wonky AWRY
Clues Answers
Illicit articles, all from the EU in opposition UNDERTHECOUNTER
Keep talking about old floor KAYO
Long twisted inside, twisted by mistake WRONGLY
Parking hold up in operation over not being paid PROBONO
Perhaps used hindsight and reinforced cutter BACKSAW
Podcast’s certainly complete in a site for threading EYEHOLE
Pressure Time to cover Japan’s wartime leader, not available to catalogue for snappy reporter? PHOTOJOURNALIST
Satellite of Saturn partly seen overhead RHEA
Something put on as play with run in National Theatre GARMENT
Stopping hostile takeover, how awful to be made to pay COUGHUP
Take place apart from those in Teton Range COMPASS
Termite trouble mounting through habitual practice WOODANT
Tongue and snout getting right inside NORSE
Traits distorting economy’s top performer ARTISTE
Unexciting wordplay to have? MIDDLEOFTHEROAD
What might Carl Jung initiate become without one butting in? INTERJACULATING