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The Telegraph – Toughie – May 15 2018

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Clues Answers
Address nail left on top of escritoire TACKLE
Advertising professional in general so phoney SLOGANEER
Article on Thailand, mostly — and where it is? ASIA
Ball slower? Second hurries up BACKSPIN
Bob, perhaps, one inspired by tough love HAIRDO
Bully, time and time again taken down THREATEN
Burning’s burning sensation HOTSHOT
Collector — of girlfriends? RAKE
Controller of current that rose at sea RHEOSTAT
Dry soldier disturbed drunk partner? DISORDERLY
Female with organ removed, afraid of nothing FEARLESS
Fire in valley extinguished at the bottom INGLE
Flower bearing towards the back ASTERN
Herb accompanying woman back, extremely lazy to vacillate DILLYDALLY
In manifestation of God, image recalled freedom EMANCIPATION
Clues Answers
Island taking a wallop in the midst of action TAHITI
Lift some valuables I, arguably, must return RAISE
Like paradise, any isle in a storm ELYSIAN
Looking up, disease on the way in alien world far away EXOPLANET
Old setter good with child EXPECTING
Part right, but on the periphery EXCERPT
Physicist entering coordinates latterly TESLA
Possible ballast to drop, with balloon initially secured? SANDBAG
Some talking bird CHAT
South American once preserved? INCAN
Treasure something sweet on some bananas, say? HONEYBUNCH
Ultimate in diseases one’s caught, evidence of chickenpox, say? SCAB
Verify gold teeth? I can’t when false AUTHENTICATE
Where pub landlords are in prison BEHINDBARS