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The Telegraph – Toughie – May 16 2018

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Clues Answers
Account covering info on year in Bureau AGENCY
Advocate treaty with no vacillating ATTORNEY
Bottle first of Edradour drams up SPINE
Cake from Wittering? WAFFLE
Choosing left-winger fails in poll — Page gets in OPTING
Coin easy clue? Regularly do! ESCUDO
Cross source of Volga river with daughter VEXED
Depart around ten with nothing — French here mostly unrealistic QUIXOTIC
Expect trouble with back — that thing should support BEFORIT
Family may take heart from vicar’s prayers in near future OFFSPRING
Force’s exceptional policemen, drunk once, getting sacked IMPEL
Get-together with Penny’s a hoot! BEEP
I must evade eccentrically Byronic leader CORBYN
In reduced circumstances, Torquay is the answer for great-granny, perhaps? ANCESTOR
Jaguar could be heard in watery wood CARR
Justice for the shy, perhaps? FAIRPLAY
Clues Answers
Less clear over Dad’s poser? No end to it! OPAQUER
Neckwear all the rage for associates TIESIN
Old hand Cable, maybe, for department? PROVINCE
One among 25 pianos in performance GRANDSON
Overwhelmed, lunged out, grabbing iron ENGULFED
Paradise Yard offers new exit to passageway ARCADY
Show — ‘Phantom’ — Queen not attending after rift PANTO
Snatch second game SNAP
Something wrong with the doorbell? Entering! NOTING
Tender parts initially plastered in acne PINNACE
Time for breakfast fare? DAYRETURN
Uninhibited amateur group a certain disaster at first ABANDONED
With cover and base defunct, intended to pop into PC supplier for machine APPLIANCE
Woolly character Wigan’s exposed CARDIGAN
Young archer 24 brought up EROS
Youth’s into Playboy and food ROULADE