The Telegraph – Toughie – May 17 2018

Clues Answers
A shy, retiring one’s going to confess ADMIT
Basic log function SPARTAN
Be disciplined and start putting the genie back in the bottle? (3,2,2,3,4) GETITINTHENECK
Bill to firm up next case once redeployed EXPENSEACCOUNT
Disturbed state of lover leaving note STRESS
Drink a toast to absent regulars in order DIKTAT
Encourage to try small size HEARTEN
Expression of indifference about head of social network MESH
Funny or amusing fool IGNORAMUS
Get around premium for insurance on shell of vehicle by showing sign of fire and third-party damage cause PASSIVESMOKING
Giant beat it inside TITAN
How mercenary might get paid leave PERMISSION
Inflamed, hot turning to cold? This expert may assess one’s colouring ARTCRITIC
It’s sickening to maintain course of action, feeling as you do for me? EMPATHETIC
Clues Answers
More than one giant company with negative balance sheet requiring investment to start COLOSSI
Nothing changes where eggs come from OVARIES
Perhaps fly round, racing wildly with active sign of doubt suppressed CIRCUMNAVIGATE
Put on fitting clothing for function ADOPT
Regiment first to have band SASH
Reveal ill-mannered person on tape? BARE
Salt beans, a meal to stew ABLESEAMAN
Sketched alternatives that faced UK voters vis-a-vis EU policy INOUTLINE
Slough’s publicity lacking in respect MIRE
State judge getting the chop over racket is bloodsucker VAMPIREBAT
The peaks and troughs are palpable with this aid plan RELIEFMAP
Watering hole north of port district BARRIO
Year-on-year, eighth of remuneration’s cut? Strike! ANNUL
You’ll have to go to the ends of the earth to find this top hat ICECAP

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