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The Telegraph – Toughie – May 18 2018

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Clues Answers
10, as 26 is, over 7 TENDER
A mark, possibly BLOODSTAIN
Ancient queen is used to love DIDO
Be (or become?) distressed TEARONESHAIROUT
Bird out at sea chased by vessel TOUCAN
Branch of Christianity originally seen in Jerusalem SCION
Chopped portion of cashew nuts HEWN
Cushion, wrong place to put arm? UPHOLSTER
Eats hot stew HASH
Feeling parts for a barrel repair MAKEGOOD
Give cheer when in rapture TOLERANCE
I hope it transforms a North African ETHIOPIAN
Is silly old line used in most of comic? TOMFOOLS
It’s seen in tours around old medical building SPITAL
Jumble sale for boxing clubs outside ALFRESCO
Clues Answers
Like a rodent’s short cut, long SHREWISH
Like female doctor about to use bed? GIRLIE
Nobody will capture soldiers covertly INSECRET
One entertained by very loud electronic instrument FIFE
Out of old pennies, spends outgoings EXODUSES
Ready to call on artist RARING
Red crab cooked around local area CINNABAR
Sexual intercourse? PILLOWTALK
Small amount of liquid I spit CLONE
Stature without bags of money LOFTINESS
Visionary clue enumeration? IDEALIST
Volunteer as an assassin? OFFER
Worst art imitating cattle? LOWEST
You might say this is put in bottle PHIAL