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The Telegraph – Toughie – May 2 2018

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Clues Answers
A Latin set doing translation — it’s torture TANTALISE
Challenger is put off, the ego being squashed DEFIER
Chap spins out of control — one should be denied strong drink SCHNAPPS
Complaint when beautiful lady clutches vessel wasting time BELLYACHE
Detective with feeling of contrition about to be let off MORSE
Fellow about to collect degree, one looking for greener pastures? NOMAD
Gosh, talk about cheat! There’s confirmation from evidence CORROBORATION
Greek king construed as true ATREUS
Head upset everyone, being a star CAPELLA
Idiot crossing infernal place who wants maximum exposure? NUDIST
Insulated home protected by electronic device LINED
Is scrupulous, bringing pet aboard ship STICKLES
Looking like a star, say, having borne ‘orrible nightmare? STELLATE
Lydia set to be going out … thus with boyfriend? STEADILY
Clues Answers
Maybe horse destroyed 8 crops PERISSODACTYL
Office worker out of office becoming a model TEMPLATE
Old lady wants to win one more time OVERAGAIN
Old service book from Oxford in a library ORDINAL
Painter in entrance losing footing INGRES
Pick up win after loss initially LEARN
Property magnate? One builds up a picture DEVELOPER
Quietly a prince admits love, one sort of obsession PARANOIA
Sermon’s beginning with invocation — effusive preacher? SPRAYER
Stoic gloom’s possibly evident in one studying something big COSMOLOGIST
Terrible barney next door? NEARBY
This person has a certain appeal, making a claim to know the answer IHAVEIT
Well — that is certainly one! ADVERB
Words of resignation in a message to someone in a different place? THEREYOUARE