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The Telegraph – Toughie – May 22 2018

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Clues Answers
Across the Channel, perhaps, manage to be heard OVERSEA
After a good 23, see this? EYETOEYE
Again treats broken bone with supports around centre of humerus RESETS
Be regularly sandalled as mace-bearer BEADLE
Checking bleeding with article in mobile home? Not mobile HAEMOSTATIC
Cheer wildly over coming last — one wants repeat REECHO
Filly’s standing by weed? That’s lucky HORSESHOE
Fish cocktail REDEYE
Foreboding I ignored for theatrical performance? PRESENTMENT
In European court, engaged in split, with different ending? INFLECTED
It’s dry round here with nothing else THERETO
Lack of territory limited ‘Observer’ NOTER
Light again on Bench RESETTLE
More than one conductor’s no good in jazzy ragtimes MAESTRI
Clues Answers
Old saying of publicity era ADAGE
One carrying out sting is clear of all charges by the French NETTLE
Peer intently, we’re told, to see flight’s location STAIRWELL
Private chat in French kissing position? TETEATETE
Refinement, for example, found in Eastern weapon ELEGANCE
Royal Society cutting also in trunk TORSO
Scattered state school initially quiet with five leaving Oxbridge, say SPARSITY
Self-important as an auto-cannibal may be? FULLOFONESELF
Smoother grade of life? PLANE
Story for American engineers making piece of furniture ETAGERE
The Spanish holding reputation for paint ENAMEL
Top fifes played away from the beaten track OFFPISTE
Travelling in city cort�ge — one with it is 17 EGOCENTRICITY
Wine frothing upset hosting staff SPUMANTE