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The Telegraph – Toughie – May 23 2018

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Clues Answers
Almost, but not quite, round number? That’s tidy NEATEN
Argument with everybody blocks someone broadcasting circus act SWORDSWALLOWER
Base returned broadcasting with style DEBONAIR
Blubber sandwiches European exhibited with half-American dairy business CREAMERY
Carry out recall of legislation about working of visa denial DISAVOWAL
Caught? Run out? Yours truly being dismissed in restrained game CROQUET
Complain about foul when hacked down CAVIL
Concern about politician’s ability CALIBRE
Criminal group’s protecting racket set up in island TRINIDAD
Discussion group supporting doubtful response? FORUM
Finishes article about senior officer of a religious area DIOCESAN
Fish haul brought in ray without tail BELUGA
Fixed problem with radio STATIC
Given job around sick ward, being determined HARDWIRED
Happen again on short cut RECUR
Clues Answers
Hard mineral perhaps unexpectedly cracked open by one SAPPHIRE
In which one collects drinks provided by parliamentary official WHIPROUND
It’s most suitable when catching just a bit of sleeping? BEDSTEAD
Lion going round lush hot country in Africa LESOTHO
Narrow backing for programme already shown (though no duplication) TAPER
No longer big enough for instance EXAMPLE
One weeping to see 50 on board slaver SLOBBER
Organised pic with son and relation having guardianship role INLOCOPARENTIS
Present sex in the past as experiment? GIVEITAGO
Revised and cut down, putting third item first EDITED
Row about a vacated tenement looking increasingly shabby TATTIER
Shakespearean heroine mostly quick to embrace love, on reflection VIOLA
Subtle quality of a city according to locals AROMA
Teacher’s first reprimand — may leave child this? TEARFUL
View of satellite? No sign, looking back around West NEWMOON