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The Telegraph – Toughie – May 24 2018

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Clues Answers
Bullies managed northern island after heartless Tory uncovered mess TYRANNISES
Chap to employ ship, acquiring new desire for other�s property COVETOUSNESS
Cheat resolved to enter empty dinghy, returned and raced, perhaps YACHTED
Chief and ace star in dance music BOSSANOVA
Cliff�s disc, artful in part SCAR
Destiny lies in quiet tree-dweller SLOTH
Fat sultan held up suppressing desire LUST
Gives up concerning omens RESIGNS
Grudging discontent found in Nevada, by the sound of it ENVY
Imposing old boy hoping daughter replaces saint OBTRUDING
Join group with European UNITE
Liar is free as lunatic to produce non-interference LAISSERFAIRE
Long distance flyers supply rats toucan�s not caught ASTRONAUTS
Nearly fix backing of lavish city�s overindulgence GLUTTONY
Occasionally on base, team cuss about the French blockages OBSTACLES
Clues Answers
Official encourages right to leave sanctuaries REFUGES
One contributing to hive of activity? BUSYBEE
One up with the lark? EARLYBIRD
Parking before trip to see lion’s group PRIDE
Religious types following theology as ruse, oddly FRIARS
Rent floor without walls TORE
Requesting a second with Elvis, maybe ASKING
Salesperson has no starter, getting kind of square meal REPAST
Snake regularly meanest in trees ASPENS
Son and thief capturing Dickens character lacking charisma in jotter SCRATCHPAD
Suppose you will enter European resting place GUESTHOUSE
Temper risk — don�t open it! ANGER
Terrible twitch absorbing universal medicine DIURETIC
Weighs tips of big aggressive weapons BALANCES
Writer says it�s nuts to support English ESSAYIST