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The Telegraph – Toughie – May 25 2018

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Clues Answers
Assume one involved in Scrabble is not productive INFERTILE
Awful name-calling Heather ignored, showing restraint MANACLE
Batman finally trapped by Riddler gets shot, perhaps SNIFTER
Cold day for larking about island CAPRI
Content to counsel a colleague getting back spots LOCALES
Conversations might result from this pastry oven exploding CROISSANT
Courier parking on small incline UPSWEEP
Cried out for a drink CIDER
Doctor’s hard to separate from bodice ALTER
Drinkers imbibing a wine selection on counter — that is friendship CAMARADERIE
Dull for one filling bag PROSAIC
Go off in search having lost king for days EXPLODE
Ironic lack of faith in report for weather RIDEOUT
Irregular spring’s second caught in graduated plate SPASMODICAL

Clues Answers
Little heed from husband with split on garment SHORTSHRIFT
Minor drip pilot covers TRIVIAL
Monarch overwhelmed by sound; son communicates INTERACTS
Not bound to eat starter in restaurant that’s fresh UNTIRED
Number with obsession for peanuts NOTHING
Object to banks in dire place, journey regularly taken DEPLORE
Old, faithful fisherman rejecting first European settler OPTER
One who used to be in film is demanding person EXACTOR
Rub fluid in between housing of the motor TURBINE
Running after bird that has protected status STILTON
Small amount that’s not easy to deal with HANDFUL
Spanner is superior, finest according to Spooner CROSSBEAM
Superlatively poor way to cross English street LEANEST
Theatrical slap GREASEPAINT