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The Telegraph – Toughie – May 29 2018

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Clues Answers
A fellow admitting misdemeanour finally can’t somehow function ARCTANGENT
Addition to female attire creates stir BUSTLE
Away from home, frequently regret being improperly adjusted OUTOFTRUE
Belt up in school period SNATCH
Call to embrace friend doing well after illness? RALLYING
Capital that is very minimal after end of bank KIEV
Comfortable overseas territory to the west for important people BIGGUNS
Complainer not taking sides — stamp on that? HINGE
Fish in dock BOB
Half left to go up took off APED
Having lost head, rings to offer apology OOPS
I disapprove of that teacher putting men off TUT
I’m ignorant — alas, I will suffer process of being edged out MARGINALISATION
Labourer making tours, by implication? ROUSTABOUT

Clues Answers
One moving things around managed party, not a generous type RANDOMISER
One new store that City’s invested in is unproductive INFECUND
PC perhaps always in black SAYABLE
Place at which musicians may stop being excellent FINE
Powerful woman in demonstration about endless suffering MATRIARCH
Quick-moving river into which doctor falls NIMBLE
Shock the wife, providing man’s book MATTHEW
Think about having no wingers — OK in football? ONSIDE
Tiny birds? They make one cry WEEPIES
Torment of daughter meeting immoral chaps in risky venture BEDEVILMENT
Unpleasant smell at the front of your old cottage BOTHY
Wash cos and cole out — you may find snails SLOWCOACHES
What could make one bloated — the awfully cheap meal? TABLEDHOTE
Words of subordination DEPENDENTCLAUSE