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The Telegraph – Toughie – May 30 2018

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Clues Answers
Art Nouveau encompasses Ert’s flipping ivory tower RETREAT
As a Just A Minute speech may be: artful, in earshot, making a case LINEAR
Bank of Seine, say between Paris and Troyes, principally evergreen PRIVET
Black model car with key missing INKY
Breakfast staples or their traditional seasoning across America, with Southern following SAUSAGES
Condition of you and me after junk’s given up STATUS
Dodge, perhaps, lech I’ve taken for a ride? VEHICLE
Dog owner, don’t do this! WHIPPET
Empathized without the shakes after swallowing a tranquillizer DIAZEPAM
Get the better of Open University idiot OUTWIT
Leaves simple starter of salad GREENS
Most sharp, making rip in broken seat ACUTEST
Off and on, Gasthof parking will be on the roof? ATOP
One’s informed maybe how to make taco? TURNCOAT

Clues Answers
Person that invades Milan, one with a spring in their step? INTERLOPER
Pudding of stewed eel with a shortcrust CHARLOTTERUSSE
Raised voice from call centre in loud argument FALSETTO
Refuse to acknowledge one’s in the grip of depression DISOWN
Reluctant year off fish grill, tea and work, domestically CHAR
Salad items with only 10% of them showing above the surface, apparently ICEBERGLETTUCES
Sense one female back in the embrace of another MEANING
Steer clear of shifting much nicer TV hotel’s dropped in CIRCUMVENT
Sulphur spoils metal — chafing makes one part like this SADDLESORE
Takeaway of osso buco — and punch? KNUCKLESANDWICH
Topped-up Irish broadcaster put on both sides of long-player backwards swamped by echoes REPLETE
Upbeat engineer: I’m stoic about pit renovation OPTIMISTIC
Votes for studies to be read out AYES
What a screw might do with a broken cell door — or an inmate? (4,1,4,3,2) Makeaboltforit