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The Telegraph – Toughie – May 31 2018

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Clues Answers
A Parisian international out of game’s uniform? Not so UNEQUAL
American writer, unknown, in time associated with pen EZRAPOUND
Before mountaineer’s original show of hesitation, skirt peak MAXIMUM
Broadcast extra composed reptile recording from the 1980s KARMACHAMELEON
Current one sitting on the right avoids soup SOMME
Drug squad suppressing network quietly TEMAZEPAM
Eighteen, rebelliously expressing derision TEHEEING
Endure underlying smell going round old Soviet district OBLAST
Enter captivating religious school and note quadrangle? LOZENGE
Flapper has dated grasping doctor after work HAWKMOTH
French firm about line being used among tuna at sea RENAULT
Going into work with Alan, unusually, I feel enlivened WALKONAIR
Gold located on ground, announced upper-class family TUDOR
Green car briefly used in this person’s sort of trade ECOMMERCE
In US, hood needed in female group outside terminal in hail HARLEM

Clues Answers
Left American feller resting in grass, carefree RELAXED
Live idly in car, renouncing son — squash perhaps at first VEGETATE
Master describes annual fast APACE
Perhaps Bruce’s rabbit finding slug beneath some corn EARBASH
Poor toff’s decline unseen by spectators OFFSTAGE
Recruit in US army maybe, sent from Dallas, showing guts ENROLL
Sheryl getting renovated bags with diamonds, showing Prudence SHREWDLY
Some bush trimming brought about hilarity MIRTH
Sports supplement given around Aintree to jockey CREATINE
Start to judge soldiers after retreating, AM and PM MAJOR
Supporting, on air, people counting votes in more than one medium FORTUNETELLERS
Temporarily stop Jack getting into trouble on vessel ADJOURN
Two different bands with what Spanish artistic style? BAROQUE
Waiters in Queen’s Head repeatedly upset community QUEUE
With my involvement, suspect this forger seen here SMITHY