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The Telegraph – Toughie – May 4 2018

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Clues Answers
Academic or cleric’s squalid deviance VICEDEAN
Book country inns finally after end of December ROMANS
Car space by church for important meeting AUDIENCE
Clubs and bands in joint scheme to avoid duties SCRIMSHANK
Cry for attention outside Vauxhall, perhaps, by a cannabis dealer, old-style APOTHECARY
Drab person overseeing chapel was flattering FAWNED
Environmental researcher died in war at sea DARWIN
Equipment surfers use to be visible WEBCAM
For a starter, top soldiers on plane? ENTREE
Fun had after descending ‘suited and booted’ APRESSKI
Head off cop winged by lean pusher LOBBYIST
High tide swamps lots set back leading to A1 DYNAMITE
It’s enough to get decay repaired around 75% of courtyard ADEQUACY
Jeer Times reporter’s open presentation that’s made to last BOOBYPRIZE
Clues Answers
Lacking a place and money, what Neapolitan needs to make a crust? PIZZADOUGH
Leas? Piece for a few swallows only CUTLET
Much parasitism’s true to life ASITIS
One used to cold must remove clothing here? IBERIA
Player’s injunction against supporter BANJOIST
Revolutionary movement’s bare strength in trouble VORTEX
School of thought revealing my clue as rubbish! LYCEUM
Sense runs out of military command EYESIGHT
Snubbed, the footy superstar not on front of mag or binding THRALDOM
Stars start to acknowledge drink from Acapulco bar note AQUILA
Stuck in reverse, can’t set free wheels temporarily RENTACAR
What’s relatively lemon-like in prime samples of Sancerre INANER
Whence miners go back with send-off? EBBWVALE
____ upper part of house, fixing trap inside RATPROOF