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The Telegraph – Toughie – May 8 2018

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Clues Answers
A meal began to go wrong. That can be handled MANAGEABLE
After month ten birds will appear in groups of eight OCTAVES
Alcohol measure for your eyes only? OPTIC
Angler’s delight at the end of the day is surprisingly fluent NETFUL
Board attack after French art forms annoy you GETONESGOAT
Coming over, one that’s seen in bar in college ETON
Cowards upset as cadets cry SCAREDYCATS
Criticise poor speaker BADMOUTH
Crow over tucking into spread cool dad cooked COCKADOODLEDOO
English queen’s introduced to not yell when broadcast but speak thus? ELOQUENTLY
Flower planted in pail hadn’t pushed up DAHLIA
For now spoken name could be he, she or it PRONOUN
Grant is cast about right in leading role STARRING
Insect bite returns GNAT
Clues Answers
Internally shortens or straightens muscles TENSORS
International tangle? Listen, I straightened out this clever set INTELLIGENTSIA
Kangaroo’s ready EURO
Lie about king creates disagreement FRICTION
Male wearing a short haircut becomes explosive ABOMB
Member meets unknown host ARMY
Note marquee is ramshackle with volume restricted SEMIQUAVER
Observation — I will be trapped by error, getting knocked back ESPIAL
Old money around centre of Hull creates wealth OPULENCE
Posh North American journalist’s left idle UNUSED
Soldiers step around new munitions ORDNANCE
Vegetable’s said to be burned CHARRED
Vigorous London soccer team having axed Bobby or Jack? ATHLETIC
With injection of oxygen, grey and sober could be something fruity! GOOSEBERRY