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The Telegraph – Toughie – May 9 2018

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Clues Answers
A figure occupying seat in outburst that’s unrestrained RAMPANT
A term is concocted for expert players MAESTRI
Award on stage not new in sport TOY
Bad risk men met after flying and landing DISEMBARKMENT
Bike races in island surroundings, like the Manx? CATTY
Bird round island in my view recalled as a diver GUILLEMOT
Carelessness having cross obscured for those in a congregation? LAITY
Carpenter at home makes a contribution CHIPSIN
Decline in food at reception? DIP
Endlessly bringing up origin of sweet dried fruit RAISINS
Ever irritable after programming what purged data may become? IRRETRIEVABLE
Golf sometimes leads to this surprised expression GEE
Greek character in tale embroidered for charm AMULET
In Sikkim, odd characters go downhill SKI
Item by soldiers? It’s laid on trophy EGGCUP
Lights in city and capital erected as a condition ECLAMPSIA
Clues Answers
Man or woman collecting chief exec to go round part of Oxford? TOECAP
Old bishop likes crumbling four-sided pillar OBELISK
Put an end to function in school SCOTCH
Put in a nutshell, it’s acceptable to be in depression SUMUP
Sabotage drink for refreshment in park activity? SKATEBOARDING
Secret affair is in operation after trouble in retreat LIAISON
Son to manage range SCOPE
Spanish inn? It’s found in school area POSADA
Spotted animal that won’t keep quiet with time in circus outfit? LEOTARD
Standard complaint about one on a railway regarding diet? PARLIAMENTARY
Stride nervously round Lakeland feature first off — like some climbers? TRELLISED
Support for cue kept by thesp I’d erased SPIDER
Taster with seconds more than sufficient SAMPLE
Temper shown by idiot for all to see over period ASSUAGE
This person enters service with support over papers etc MASSMEDIA
Torch singer offering something special? BELTER