The Telegraph – Toughie – Nov 1 2018

Clues Answers
Ad rejected by state corrupted file DATASET
After losing face, North Korean leader’s greeting is ‘Go away!’ IMSHI
Character at last turned a stone over OMEGA
Clubs overcome by disorder in French archipelago MALDIVES
Coat of metal obtained from excavation in meandering rivers VERDIGRIS
Dubious bacteria’s getting caught inside SCEPTIC
Got across point in lift, introducing poem TRAVERSED
Having a tot around end of meal and going off ADDLING
I must talk and sing, scratching head, dancing with several balls in the air? MULTITASKING
Illness marijuana use alleviates to some extent? NAUSEA
Ingredient of beer and whisky that’s child’s play HOPSCOTCH
Land turtle missing leg TERRA
Lead among singers brought in controls backing band SASH
Lukewarm sauce in tins getting drunk around day four or five UNENTHUSIASTIC
Moving back and forth, like flapper ASWING
Newcomers having successes with pastries UPSTARTS
Old flier rose up acrobatically, with art PTEROSAUR
Pad used by man or woman of the cloth to set down points for use later PINCUSHION
Papers following return of Middle East ruler EMPRESS
Patient perhaps getting list of tasks JOBDESCRIPTION
Performing thus could be apt? TAPDANCING
Preheat ham, processed, and put it in bowl AMPHITHEATRE
Reflected pointlessly, emu versus duck egg? OVUM
Russian viral ad I’m sorry alienates America VLADIMIR
Sharks’ rivals halfway through kill — one moves rapidly on water JETSKI
Study nation’s energy PERUSE
Tense silence during increased security MORTGAGE
What’s said to lie beneath e.g. primrose path ROUTE

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