The Telegraph – Toughie – Nov 13 2018

Clues Answers
Ancient hero or bully? HECTOR
Boat parts Royal Mail put in when following cart heading west YARDARMS
Breeze-block providing ventilation AIRBRICK
Chief element provided by openers to nuclear energy KEYSTONE
Choice when seconds removed is still a choice ELECTION
Cross with dog pound’s lock at the front KISSCURL
Dirk’s heel STILETTO
Dishevelled bed ruins son’s facial hair SIDEBURNS
Dwelling is rented out RESIDENT
Gluttony may be so fatal DEADLY
Heads of Durham University in new demand for material to go in book ADDENDUM
In France we almost slip over something sticky NOUGAT
India replacing diamonds with symbol in badges of honour INSIGNIA
More than one flock of geese hides around middle of Med SKEINS
Needy US soldier turned up, splitting in depression INDIGENT
Old codger? Quite the opposite. He’s a sweetheart YOUNGMAN
Run a blog badly, or manage somehow? RUBALONG
Sailor shows disapproval with hard hat TARBOOSH
See sailor with 6 give up booze ABSTAIN
Shuffle folio papers and secure FIDGET
Starry LA mooner confused about Oscar for high-level observer ASTRONOMERROYAL
Stress at home with sibling getting tense INSIST
Swelling found in misty eye STYE
Taking everything into consideration, answer requires Niall to change lines ALLINALL
Ten deer having scampered around edges of Exmoor went in again REENTERED
Terrible mishap covers flaw BLEMISH
Unusually T S Eliot embraced rule for eight-line poems TRIOLETS
Wild celery is produced in little time SMALLAGE
Writing materials in Kansas INKS

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