The Telegraph – Toughie – Nov 6 2018

Clues Answers
Advertise footwear with small promotion BOOST
Almost achieve backing to pen old Western sequel FOLLOWUP
Cast seen with this actor could be Bengalese GABLE
Drink gallons where smashed member might be GINSLING
Freeloader about to fall under executioner maybe HANGERON
Germans cooked the Queen’s goose MERGANSER
Indication of vaping in part of garden? CRAZYPAVING
Large sweet ROLYPOLY
Long drink in bloke’s garden, perhaps miles away YARDOFALE
Mask Home Counties uprising — spotted, they might fall DOMINOES
Mike with bogey at first in golf course facing east? Blow it! TROMBONE
More men wept about being given responsibility EMPOWERMENT
Naval man in house share that’s curtailed HORATIO
Nice at first to wear ancient clothing somewhere friendly TONGA
Nick eco-friendly car, not posh, working PRISON
Note something sticky in blockage LOGJAM
Ombudsman vilifies housing block ANVIL
Passionate and twisted, loves net night clothes INTENSE
Quiet having lost at venue PLACE
Record heartless material for one of Paul’s pen pals EPHESIAN
Safe blown in explosion? That’s dangerous WOLFSBANE
Shout that hurts juvenile CALLOW
Something fishy and not quite legal about supplement CODICIL
Soon unknown ANON
Spot fine — something legal? FLAW
Sunbeam possibly beginning to trouble student in flying boat TALBOT
Swimmer in port alone DOVERSOLE
Want to move? Set out to find lender NATWEST
What might cut a dashing figure? BLADE
Windows once seen in entire building? That’s amateur INEXPERT

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