The Telegraph – Toughie – Nov 7 2018

Clues Answers
A gin knocked back on one’s own APART
Animated bubbly Romeo ASTIR
Classmate that’s in the same swimming group SCHOOLFELLOW
Complete wreck TOTAL
Cutting edge arts festival? FRINGE
Expert whose clients are relieved to go under ANAESTHETIST
Fancy Women’s Institute over-50s WILL
Feature of Cockney intellectual? EYEBROW
Force for something stronger than a catnap? BULLDOZE
Grand artist with loud following __ one leading to work like Banksy’s? GRAFFITO
Have misgivings seeing Ella in unusually smart surroundings SMELLARAT
Involved university in sort-out for transport TORTUOUS
Irritation right away brought about by pioneer INITIATOR
Local Cockney actor poolside LIDOCAINE
Mistake denying bully 90-year-old British fizz ERROR
No end of vacs __ third of theirs and mine HOLE
Parable of galley rowed unyoked at sea ALLEGORY
Peculiar cyst he cut SCYTHE
Quite regularly checks pay, which is useful SALUTARY
Retreat of republican French female, facing cunning agent selling out TRAVELLER
Sir Tim’s creation, part in comfortably rich West End theatre? LYRIC
Some way to go with two noughts missing from school record SCHLEP
Splendid chap and archetypal hero SUPERMAN
Staff in more ways than one STAVE
Sting’s roots let out by Geordieland tango NETTLE
Taking two-thirds some agree would be inadequate MEAGRE
Talking bird taking no time turning up __ or the opposite ANTONYM
Weapon at disposal of one mob after another? ATOMBOMB
Wholesome? It’s plausible denied calmer exterior EDIBLE
Work for aircrew in chic society? HIGHLIFE

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