The Telegraph – Toughie – Nov 8 2018

Clues Answers
American’s dubious arrangement of kilt with capes SKEPTICAL
Appropriate one wakes after end of night TROUSER
Balloon I’d taken up to annoy, circling Mediterranean location DIRIGIBLE
Be wrong to interrupt my mother and family having grand celebration MERRYMAKING
Best to adopt expert line when rearing mammal POLECAT
Boozer volunteers, putting love into concert TAPROOM
Cancel most of theatre costumes SCRUB
Care given to most of flower shoot TENDRIL
Carrier claims to keep horse around HAVERSACK
Detective with drink I saw in rotten condition DILAPIDATED
Effect of clique or clubs in story that’s picked up ECLAT
Faint at heart, harassed man is on call at start, unable to go out INSOMNIAC
Fix care leaving hospital without doctor EMBED
Henry pretended to accept book that’s incomplete HALFBAKED
Newspaper cheers attempt to secure love? Not half TABLOID
Nothing in indiscretions is beginning to modify egocentric behaviour SOLIPSISM
Number endlessly cross blocking road heading for Scotland? NORTHWARD
On island, Greek character with muscles squeezes head of Hector cruelly INHUMANLY
Philistine returned vulgar shout in big theatre BOLSHOI
Piece not finishing quietly and not in tune SHARP
Pride sees one relocating power in generation? LOINS
Small piece left further down? This sadly implicates male metalworker SILVERSMITH
Space without paper left tidy LEGROOM
Stick belting rear of train making metallic sound CLANG
Stops after evil spirit looms IMPENDS
Thick coat father used around boat PARKA
Tired out, unstable and causing harm DETRIMENTAL
Very eccentric initially filling apartment with flags PAVED

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