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The Telegraph – Toughie – Nov 9 2018

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Clues Answers
A sport in which ball is snatched away and put down ABASE
Apply after seeing that property ASSET
Bashful bears initially paired for reproduction COPY
Bundle of papers getting left for a bank SHELF
Case from Nice, second-class with tatty wrapping recently delivered NEWBORN
Cook’s wild boar in sauce sent back PARBOIL
Director of pit lifted tons in gold layer MAESTRO
Dress to some extent rubbish? Not permitted to say WAISTBAND
Drive a vehicle to the north island for a drink BACARDI
Drug money to acquire something like Ecstasy COCAINE
Drunk mate? Tiddly, certainly ADMITTEDLY
Drunk upended for all to see, stuck in another ditch TOSSOUT
Fighter’s first to lunge in assault BATTLER
Flaw reflected in mirror, regretfully ERROR
Food, when chopped, put into portions CASHEWNUTS
Good mature beef GRIPE
Heard pub became bar INGOT
Hotel this freezing might make Hartlepool questionable POLAR
Hour immersed in Art Deco complex regarding geometric form OCTAHEDRON
How is man to manage never growing up? AGELESS
Ingredient of explosive soldier favoured in revolutionary times SALTPETRE
Judged for all that time THOUGHT
Most of the pay merrily taken from Daily Telegraph wasted, as mine is GALLERIED
One’s scratching head due to these, perhaps NITS
Part of plant having cotton on, albeit missing in odd places TWIGLET
Path that’s used by aircraft on trip LANE
Person playing Becker’s the one making comeback RESPONDER
Presumably he’s no fan of United financier? CITYMAN
Refuse from home over yard DENY
Relation’s conclusion — don’t argue ENDOFSTORY
Vote on second of referendums, ruling is spot on EXACT
Withdrawn second edition with plot lacking in book SECEDED