The Telegraph – Toughie – Oct 10 2018

Clues Answers
Box left in a mess? Utterly STARKLY
Broadcast of cricket test is on, clever clogs ROCKETSCIENTIST
Coal not needing starter to burn IGNITE
Cracked up about new acceptable flavouring CINNAMON
Edit one does after climax of novel — to resolve this? LOOSEEND
Emotional piece audibly criticises leaderless group RHAPSODY
Fail to appear for an informal event SCRATCH
Father, getting cut, acted rashly PANICKED
l? I’d turned up amongst singles IODINE
Lament dropping second vase URN
Like savage warrior in bad dream as experienced by nippers? ARMEDTOTHETEETH
Likely to leak old Russian’s first work about America POROUS
Neglige half-open, lingerie uncovered, possibly PEIGNOIR
Nested containers requiring filling? VACANT
Past question posed in Old English is unclear OPAQUE
Province seeing governor not initially going round street ULSTER
Put new software on mobile device in truck UPDATE
Ready with treatment, coming in to block imaginary abstraction DAYDREAM
Restore theatre publicity REPAIR
Running about last no source of achievement? It’s not everything SUBTOTAL
Sailors’ song overheard — coarse stuff CRUDITY
Second glass not filled? That’s a slip STUMBLE
South-eastern resort dismissing crowd damage MAR
Stone worker’s design of sun and moon interrupted by intellectual old woman MONUMENTALMASON
Supposedly vital measurement that’s incomplete for vehicle BUS
What allows some air into a dramatic stand-off? INCIDENTALMUSIC
What newspapers rely on: scandal seeing religious figure ousted INK
Who’ll produce moving art in a mo? ANIMATOR

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