The Telegraph – Toughie – Oct 11 2018

Clues Answers
Arab or Irish-American taking first question? IRAQI
Article about Langley people in plant ACACIA
Belief choirmaster’s beginning to repeat CREDO
Change in US prison essential after evacuation NICKEL
Churchill at Chartwell stays closer to door LATCH
Conservative lives alone in retreat for notables COLOSSI
Dine out to entertain three kings in dream IMAGINED
Don’t talk about fate or sin SLOTH
Dry grass now transported, brought to the old Welsh town HAYONWYE
Enemy takes both manoeuvres similarly BYTHESAMETOKEN
Film of feature length, perhaps fix copies in state PINOCCHIO
Giant mushrooms no good for muscle BICEPS
Hassle as government department cuts pay INCOMMODE
Leander certainly wasn’t this central character ANTIHERO
Lively ball requires tough doorman BOUNCER
Old southern lawgiver one for eastern assimilation OSMOSIS
One offering vision of what may come to pass REARVIEWMIRROR
Pervert to produce contented sound climbing into bed CORRUPT
Players notice team’s leader training inside SEPTET
Politician appears in Oldie that’s reviewed collapse IMPLODE
Possibly regal English employed in socialist newspaper REEDORGAN
Punch adult companion CHINA
Rancid meal in time causes illness AILMENT
Sleeping place for baby at home that dog must guard BASSINET
Stock set with food as image shows ASPIC
Tight cord flexed when first pulled STRINGENT
Ultimately servile brute — United follower? EPIGONE
Understanding current things differently INSIGHT
Vicious Scotsman pursuing alumnus produces glass OBSIDIAN
Wicked party game for swingers? BASEBALL

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