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The Telegraph – Toughie – Oct 12 2018

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Clues Answers
After party, that French student abandoned seduction CONQUEST
Appeal from ship after unknown found in European waterway SEXINESS
Barbershop possibly involved in this cornet-playing event in theatre ETONCROP
Bill’s associated with this chef mostly COO
Boozer’s state snapped by couple in centre of Putney TAVERN
Bygone filmmaker’s hat perhaps square in the West End? BUSBYBERKELEY
Did boss upset Tartan Army somewhat? RAN
Entering northbound motorway, remain in the same place IBIDEM
Find lord over in moated building DOMINATE
French teacher’s mnemonic for masculine nouns? A fine pointer NEEDLE
Green veg, turning semi-hard and violet-blue, go off BHINDI
It may help to scrutinise charge by canine groomer FINETOOTHCOMB
Italian chap procures Greek and Oriental tree GINGKO
Joker once reorganised knife drawer when minding house FRANKIEHOWERD
Len’s uncovered facts on the German breed ENGENDER
Obsolescent silver? That’s flipping no good AGEING
One treading on thin ice perhaps switching river fish SKATER
Plump finally for Oxford after vacation drinking much ale ROTUND
Pub employee latterly involved in open slur INNUENDO
Pursuing a degree, study the pineal gland THIRDEYE
Resident rebuffed new online journal written by Democrat DENIZEN
Run for so long BYE
Sat, amongst others, by exit before one more film DIEANOTHERDAY
The old and new foreign capital YEN
Virus maybe beginning in June knocks out female, 26 INJECTOR
Welsh lad tours clubs avoiding drink ban BOYCOTT
Within minute, graduate taking Computer Studies can create this? WEBSITE
Work out, training on track following Christmas period DECRYPT