The Telegraph – Toughie – Oct 16 2018

Clues Answers
A number of marriages in later years NINETIES
About to admit lapse with wine, plastered RENDERED
American corporation finally invested in wonderful time for payment USANCE
Approach fish ANGLE
At sea, person with less time to find big fish in the main? SHIPOWNER
Blade used to be lifted with letter to open? CIRCULARSAW
Creature with a tiny brain being brainwashed? INSECT
Father and son’s last vamp SIREN
Feeling trendy, with it, during endless outing to dance INTUITION
Female informer working for furniture maker SHERATON
Foil lining pans too generously STOOGE
Great book, volume featuring Indian drink CLASSIC
Heading for Chinese capital city, cross peak CLIMAX
Horror story by South German playwright SCHILLER
I must interrupt holiday for further exam RESIT
Isn’t area unrecognisable as well? ARTESIAN
Latest run in paper NEWSPRINT
Linen family put in piles NAPKINS
Match clothing philosopher’s put on back of cabinet TROUSSEAU
Mix in red with 2/3 of all the fifteen in green? IRELAND
Pond primarily put in ground for freshwater animal TERRAPIN
Remove spot on outside of twitcher’s hide EXTRACT
Tree trunk blocking the sun, or otherwise HORSECHESTNUT
Tremendous as a trumpeter? ELEPHANTINE
Tricky working without leader LYING
Trigger visible, we hear? INCITE
Trivial change in America? NICKELANDDIME
Urge two parties to crush one LIBIDO

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