The Telegraph – Toughie – Oct 17 2018

Clues Answers
A tease immersed in immorality in Marple murder location VICARAGE
Article with all points arriving at right solution ANSWER
Belts this person in vacuous zealousness ZONES
Design tent without base MARQUE
First to generate big lie __ he’s toast GONER
Flirt with cake, losing resistance COQUETTE
Focus of betrayal for retailers SHOPPINGCENTRE
Grey, fifties? Cor, this could be one’s first and last record shop REGISTRYOFFICE
Habitual responses in reversing plebiscite TICS
Half of huge alternative computer devices wasting energy from subterranean heat GEOTHERMIC
Idiot in rash move SHMO
Lacking scales, a claw moves on ATONAL
Lake vessel’s a joke LARK
Large volume shown by a stone VAST
Last of all, puss got banana milk: one gluttonous kitty STAKES
Leo perhaps has a means to transfer SIGNAWAY
Like first-class seaman that can’t be fired? ASBESTOS
Little woman in uniform going to Portugal to enrol JOINUP
Locks Sierra hybrid in terrifying tale HAIRRAISER
Medicine container Scot hurried to use occasionally TINCTURE
Prison is unfriendly, it’s said COLDITZ
Rod discovered coupon to get carriage BAROUCHE
Rust-belt sties containing country pigs ELTS
Soldier’s claim to be religious? MERC
Son got over Russian river and mountain SNOWDON
Spell a neon compound HEXANE
Touring university, arranged first dates maybe FRUITS
Twice daughter runs out of currency DOUBLE

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