The Telegraph – Toughie – Oct 19 2018

Clues Answers
‘Live 2001 in Edinburgh’ fluttered tiny flyer? BEEHUMMINGBIRD
, 12 & 13 Across Holding to make most of spin bowler’s play in broadcast UNDER
Band go to Aberdeen GANG
Chopping head off, dodgy aperture ruined English photo DAGUERREOTYPE
Couples in Barbie & Ken’s van get hot BAKE
Dragon needs start of battle for knight, one in 25 MOBSTER
Foreign corporal pressing for treatment to be relaxed? SWEDISHMASSAGE
Gallic, this officer’s disgracefully mistreated DREYFUS
Houses vet next to old unfinished Moroccan palace AUDITORIA
Launches lead-free comestibles from 2122? TARTS
Like coal or oil BLACKGOLD
Lively Australian is tense visiting Irishman RORTY
More sound volume overlooks a top lady from Windsor VALIDER
Native shot by Frenchman somewhere in Indochina VIETNAM
No time for prejudice about fringe article that started it all? BIGBANGTHEORY
Not a blood relation, unlike Jesse James? INLAW
Of late, notice string turning up in spaghetti bolognese OBIT
One from school’s cowardly if climbing on back of dolphin YELLOWFIN
Outspoken reserve coach is an issue for The Observer EYESTRAIN
Piggery’s good animals from the south GREED
Proclamation of Law, perhaps, took in D-Day? DUEDATE
Red dictator’s concerning Ozzie yob RIOJA
See 11 Across MILK
See 13 Across WOOD
Snub fancy beds, none being edged with subtle shades NUANCED
Some cards put on table, as done by management HANDLED
Still in mess: on top of double one, you need six double sixes! SEVENTYTWO
Students collectively note piston’s fall and rise GRAMMAR
Thoroughly shaft WELL
Worker getting cold in truck area? He definitely would be here ANTARCTICA

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