The Telegraph – Toughie – Oct 2 2018

Clues Answers
Corporal sects destroyed episcopal symbol PECTORALCROSS
Criminal importers making faulty declaration MISREPORT
Crowd replacing centre of Exeter, one might announce EXPRESSER
Displays former attitudes EXPOSES
Drive quietly to face aunt every now and then PUT
Encourage to ignore husband’s discharge PUS
Exhausted? Employ duplicate USEDUP
Finished ace food PASTA
Fish is stuffed with cooked 14s? On the contrary PISCES
Fruit puddings for rebels HIPPIES
Go suddenly with secretary to find the old man in America POPPA
Hang around when wife leaves small island AIT
Have an inkling of 16 being converted in sect SUSPECT
Hopelessness of the French couple DESPAIR
I’ve armed prior rioting for former dictator PRIMODERIVERA
In concept it’s edible CEP
Journey with boiling oil for capital TRIPOLI
Keeping playing Cupid astonished all but the final couple CUSTODIANSHIP
Old coin collection covered in something green PESETA
One of seven on board being vipers met at sea SEPTEMVIR
One who approves increase in advertising PRAISER
Oversights left 3 behind LAPSES
Peruse missing article by leading tabloid REDTOP
Petite gal dancing in sheet with name on TITLEPAGE
Recesses in Parliament seen initially during mass uprising? APSES
Relatives born with expressions of relief NEPHEWS
Roots of north-eastern earnings per share NEEPS
Shows hole in US trousers PANTOS
Table displaying most of dish and water for Nancy PLATEAU
Tree that’s in but not posh POPLAR
Very warm spot in the middle of Margate PIPING
What’s hard to read in details of contract? THESMALLPRINT

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