The Telegraph – Toughie – Oct 23 2018

Clues Answers
Anagram done __ have to finish clue after next ONEDOWN
Assembles the article for ship’s cargo SITS
Back on night shifts, love NOTHING
Correspondence Irishman returned MAIL
Could join Mensa and is tempted HASAGOODMIND
Double-page insert in ‘Home Repairs’ that’s not all there DIPPY
Draft a grid, new, in the morning DIAGRAM
First delivery (or address number one) OPENINGSPEECH
For retirement, a little spot outside N Western US state MONTANA
Fought, getting quietly ejected __ inflicted minor injuries SCRAPED
Gather shaver is broken. I dropped it HARVEST
Getting mouth round sibilant, is unsuccessful LISPS
Going back, add note to ‘American Birds’ EMUS
Goody-goody scolds baddies PIRATES
Happy golfer taking easy shot to green? CHIPPER
Having slate loose, thought ‘Ought to quit to become kind of fighter’ STEALTH
Latest thing in child entertainment BEDTIMESTORY
Law examination paper SEARCHWARRANT
Mark beats up SPOT
Newly-wed making ends meet, in poverty NEED
Not raining, I will take long way round FAIR
Order the first student to come in THISTLE
Rake money in, as usual ROUTINE
Sequel to ‘September Song’ that brings the sea to mind? OCTOPUS
Shoots game DARTS
Signs by which doctor is not perturbed MOTIONS
Socialist revolutionary seizes Yankee, one who could change silver into gold? DYER
Some random person that the snatchers were after? ANYBODY
Try, with primitive weapon, to get bird GOSLING
Two necessities for tennis, as a game NETBALL
Very cold duck ZERO
Woman’s named this price that’s very low PENNY

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