The Telegraph – Toughie – Oct 24 2018

Clues Answers
A fried option? Laddo moaned, we hear, being out of bed SUNNYSIDEUP
A passage added on end of one part of church APSE
Bar a pair involved in academic retiring TAPROOM
Bishop excused extra duty ONUS
Black badger finds crow BRAG
Bulgarian accepts what traveller holds back LEVA
Censures stand shown by judges BERATES
Change to the better storm lamp SEETHELIGHT
Check up about secure co-ordinating gear TWINSET
Eastern dish starting to track mysterious craft from the south TOFU
Flood from river near tree RASH
Former leader to lay flat House of Lords KOHL
Fourth estate stuff PRESS
Gold herb, pinch of marjoram, seen in stall — it’ll make bangers SAUSAGEMEAT
Grass pulls up SWARD
Hide unit which supplies mineral into the bargain FURTHERMORE
Leads to standard for measuring shadows ENTAILS
Monitor Republican stepping down — just the job PERFECT
Possibly a crass term for cynicism? SARCASM
Provided with object then due ENDOWED
Punt about like a devil BEAST
Spirit — reps let it go, being rum POLTERGEIST
Such as could be lost in operations finally TONSILS
They might deliver what gets stuff going? POWERPLANTS
This predator bowled over divers SKUA
Time to list clips — nervous Nerys is on these? TENTERHOOKS
To shed last of pounds added at the front SHUT
Upsetting this trade-off finds you negative — dark but right GIVEANDTAKE
Want to do what you’d think doughboys do, as they say NEED
West in confusion about eastern kind SWEET
What’s at the heart of most pleasant summer treats? ICES
Whisk porridge STIR

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