The Telegraph – Toughie – Oct 25 2018

Clues Answers
… still audibly exhale topping fast time SILENT
Backing America in ‘special’ sense with gutless oddball ESPOUSAL
Bet placed around noon ended void PUNTED
Carries on with collaborators supporting Germany DALLIES
Cut traffic time in secure chassis STRUCTURE
Egg starts to open, vacated usually leaving eggshell OVULE
Fine game with queen gobbling piece up GOSSAMER
Happen to breathe, completely embracing female … BEFALL
Human sin? Wrath’s one to start FALLIBLE
Labour succeeded ignoring tense questions ASKS
Left with party embracing Liberal’s huge victory LANDSLIDE
Legend of rodents’ decline maybe originally rejected MEGASTAR
Leggings for men? CHAPS
Linger in bed as topless sweetheart strips, rising OVERSLEEP
Look up to see tower KEEP
Mars revolves circling centre of ellipse RUINS
Mockery of victims a crash trapped? Revolting SARCASM
More expensive models’ charms emerge, all naked DEARER
Nearly all wet losing heart MOST
Pockets found in slacks? TROUSERS
Possibly Plath writer’s holding collection back POETESS
Pro, occasionally greedy, produced counterfeit FORGED
Show one’s oddly cold surrounded by draught DISCLOSE
Singular hard covering for creature SNAIL
Sort of thirsty and pale after vacation TYPE
Spot noticed on pitch SEESAW
Stops first son leaving believers DEISTS
Study rooks and queen covering incomplete theory CONSIDER
Tenant not so keen having ‘no frills’ LESSEE
Tie is masculine head to toe in public STALEMATE
Top horse? BESTRIDE
Wreck broke apart round end of deep crack TORPEDO

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