The Telegraph – Toughie – Oct 26 2018

Clues Answers
A plastic pig is outside the law, miss PLEXIGLASS
Blunt end of pencil ____ POINTBLANK
Contend with what 23 allows VIEW
Drink oddly seen in clean house CHASER
Give old footballer old wife BESTOW
Got fine reception with old copper FATHOMED
Hardy and Pinter forged papers INTREPID
Hill shelters people generally keep TOWER
In 21? Wow! WITHIT
Just manage to get junk article off eBay? SCRAPEBY
Language, one that’s back to front HINDI
Look for an audience to wind up PIQUE
Mum’s after a computer game HALMA
Not seeing death? That’s new over in heaven BLINDNESS
Old men gathering on subject of hairstyle DREADS
One funny way to block ridicule JESTER
Oomph in something like rented vehicle CABRIOLET
Playwright’s lowest point __ what son rejected SHERIDAN
Rivers e.g. hold water __ guide across channels? STANDUPCOMEDIAN
Rule for one that ruler’s upset about REGIME
Slug or shot BASH
Soldier, number 19 COMMANDO
Some pupils, by splitting from this, failed SIXTHFORM
Square peg out to keep up, too POOTERISH
Stop wasting time with a variable pump QUIZ
Tenant’s payment to landlord out of hand? RESIDENT
The decision of corrupt officials, in part UPTO
Thief fences small dog PINSCHER

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