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The Telegraph – Toughie – Oct 3 2018

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Clues Answers
Ancient battle for sausages SALAMIS
Avant-garde Bohemian taste facing common problem INTHESAMEBOAT
By Eurythmics originally, inferior song’s covered BESIDE
Camping on island on purpose INTENTION
Choose artist, complex character ELECTRA
Colour coach-horse regularly displayed OCHRE
Cricket shot from Boycott after cluster of wickets SQUARECUT
Decorative feature of vehicle I’ve hit! CARTOUCHE
Disappointing spectacles opening in Roman days NONEVENTS
Dull colour’s kept in proportion the last time? DURATION
Envoy’s reduced qualification DIPLOMA
Girl climbing tree by yard EMILY
Going up a trail ASCENT
Head presents alumnus with some poetry OBVERSE
Official dressing king MAYOR
One brave knight, one in siege HERON
Pirate not well armed CAPTAINHOOK
Posh mini crashed in men’s competition CHAMPIONSHIPS
Provides with jokes from the internet? EQUIPS
Rifles National Security Agency kept in shelves RANSACKS
Rough servant one charged after row SCULLION
Seed Greek character planted in compost material PEANUT
Small strip as summer clothing SUNDRESS
Son in fashion house upset wine __ chaos DISORDER
Stew makes British grow BRAISE
Talked about the woman’s teeth GNASHERS
Turn white left in place where you’d usually do the opposite BLEACH
With pound to put in, need coin OK to work jukebox NICKELODEON