The Telegraph – Toughie – Oct 30 2018

Clues Answers
A member of family crosses valley on farmland maybe AGRARIAN
Birds making shrieks in the East End? OWLS
Call boss, having secured opponents at table DENOMINATE
Drug problem managed the wrong way by firm __ crisis, not half NARCOSIS
Features like The Archers on the radio? They are corny CEREALS
Fellow seen as dope given boot ultimately GENT
Film-maker taking backward step in serious move GRAVITATE
Formal greeting __ it comes with an instrument SALUTE
Garments __ clown is wearing heaps CASSOCKS
Gosh, with death invading capital, there’s a catalogue of errors! CORRIGENDA
Guarding amenities is such an estate worker GAMEKEEPER
Hellish situation before a welcome with chaps in altercation DISAGREEMENT
Holy oil in church is kept in small room CHRISM
Horse of great height buried in holy hill STALLION
In an unnatural way, truly, the leader is replaced EERILY
Island gets heat unit with temperature dropping HERM
Island’s mess MUCK
Lake disappearing from Scottish island? Fancy that! ISAY
Listened to record with a beat that comes from power? LOGARITHM
Moocher, A-levels being dealt with __ me escaping? SCHOOLLEAVER
Nothing wrong in gambling game, almost a sport BOXING
Plant, the thing right inside that display case VITRINE
Protests as tormenters going free REMONSTRATES
Say, the girl is running much more than a few miles! LIGHTYEARS
So controlled by violent husband THUS
Stumbles, getting the lowest possible mark in exam TRIPOS
Sweet nothing __ hard to become leading character NOUGAT
The writer getting guns up on revised agenda spuriously fixed? STAGEMANAGED

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