The Telegraph – Toughie – Oct 4 2018

Clues Answers
Add sauce and try again with reduced seasoning — this may be the last chance to get it right! DRESSREHEARSAL
Artwork made from a clog, creatively coated in cheese BRICOLAGE
Baked product’s defunct line PASTRY
Belted out melody after knocking back drink SANGRIA
Chanel applied to produce stage in metamorphosis COCOON
Clerics don’t miss me? IMAMS
Each pasty’s excellent to eat APIECE
Employed New York Times boss, say USED
Fast mover picked up risqu  tips from dating network insider INDYCAR
Feature of seaside: odd characters changing where they are and revealing all NUDE
Firm’s rank on ice ROCKSOLID
Glimpse ground zero DECKO
Heeding the tremors, climbed further HEIGHTENED
Knock a thousand off figure for survey RECON
Low bit of chain making fast MOORING
Moroccan bar-owner showing strain RICK
Old chap’s suppressing hint of laughter, as shown by face? OCLOCK
One obeying order to surround agents with tank CISTERCIAN
Popular chemical firm formerly controlled by family doctor CLINICIAN
Resort lacking bar? OBAN
Run railway to increase efficiency STREAMLINE
Saving lead, shoddily coated with another metal GALVANISED
Secretive, devious dark agenda encircles head of government, close to summit CLOAKANDDAGGER
Seeking to influence opinion in favour of non-religious short verse PROPAGANDISTIC
Space station bearing first citizen of neutral country SWISS
Was desperate to reach point, interrupted by waffle and verbosity LONGWINDEDNESS
Was Observer supporting journalist’s cutting article? HACKSAW
Work on structure increasing strength in eyes TECTONICS

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