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The Telegraph – Toughie – Oct 5 2018

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Clues Answers
A lecturer knocked back liqueur PERNOD
A rest to bandage extremely painful hand? APPLAUSE
Actor’s ‘Carry On’ voices on board train ALASTAIRSIM
Black ducks are in shot as well TOBOOT
Comic’s problem over sequel resolved BURLESQUE
Controversial book about topless bar EMOTIVE
Doormat has boring sort of material DRIPDRY
Feeling smart? Teaching supports that INTUITION
Frauds stealing fortune in office equipment GUILLOTINES
If it won’t open, force lock TRESS
Lightning’s close, scattering public OVERNIGHT
Novel sites around for one writer ESSAYIST
One going after strip club in India LATHI
One’s a bit naughty, but not disrespectful OBEISANT
Problem concerning public transport REBUS
Pulse and temperature hard to take THROB
Rally crowd wave by end of stage JAMBOREE
Row on river that’s unusually high FALSETTO
Search area — build walls FORAGE
Search pockets in coat FINISH
Shops not closing? Outside, set out stall TEMPORISE
Small peninsula where snow is common SIBERIA
Suitable for children, before turning over UPENDING
Untouchable broken left leg? TEFLON
Way to adapt software — insert the floppy METHOD
Yellow strip binding new material ORGANZA
Young European about to do Cologne PREADOLESCENT