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The Telegraph – Toughie – Oct 9 2018

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Clues Answers
Abandon holidays LEAVE
Again, nervously circles the bull INNER
Ask advice from state official on trade principally CONSULT
Big appeal facing article penned by jerk? TITANIC
Blunder in state of anxiety when short of time ERROR
Characters in plot a Roman invented about male lover INAMORATO
Complaint of upper-class taken in by wild gambol LUMBAGO
Conceited fellow, one directing commodore on first of boats COXCOMB
Disgruntled Picts belie chance to make one’s mark? PLEBISCITE
Dislike American translation AVERSION
Distress put right, we hear STRAITEN
Distrust involving the French with occasionally warlike ambiguous utterings DOUBLETALK
Dwelling too much inside prison COTTAGE
Endlessly rush round aquatic mammal? On the contrary, it’s bizarre! SURREAL
Film script of alp reflected in exotic scenery SCREENPLAY
First-class mixture of oil — to make this? AIOLI
Gin for one some sent back TRAP
Indisposition of small island accommodating large fellows AILMENT
Information about lake valley GLEN
Knocked back kingly drink LAGER
Land beyond river PASTURE
Manure ground SOIL
Mishmash of chatter recalled after nine engulfed by sea MIXEDBAG
Modified skiing, etc — a different winter sport ICESKATING
Proposal concerning trade union engineers OVERTURE
Ready once for endangered pachyderm RHINO
Recluse sadly isolated mostly around Ireland SOLITAIRE
Search deeply, regularly, even essentially DELVE
Skilled restoration worker in Verona regulated mounting decay RENOVATOR
Strongman’s finally knocking off early ATLAS
This nervous problem, strangely, could be inarguable if bishop’s on board NEURALGIA
Tramp upset in bleaker times TREK